When the Internet was Serious

An “authoritative Web site” is an oxymoron.

– Jay David Bolter, Writing Space

This revelation will come to everyone: that every form is absurd once taken seriously.

– René Daumal, The Pataphysical Essays

I have had this blog for nearly a year now. I only know this because it is reminding me to pay up for the privilege of having tacked my name on the Internet. Tax write-off, I suppose. Or it will be, one of these days. The price of doing business. Branding the academy. Just in case anyone is wondering, the adjectivalization of my name is “Zwintscherubic.”

I’ve had this blog for a year and put up 10 posts. Because the internet must needs be serious. Because the trivial and unrelated cannot sully an official website of a would-be academic. And there is something to that. One has to maintain a consistent front lest society find itself unable to sort you into the appropriate box. There is no other path to understanding.

And yet.

And yet the theories that I am proposing, the ephemeral thoughts that I scribble on reciepts, ramble into the iPhone voice recorder, type into word docs that get lost in a less than ideal filing system are specifically about tracing the trivial, the third meanings, the unintentional, the signification of the insignificant. So why, indeed, would I wait until I have fully formed thoughts before I put them out to a potential audience? That only serves to let the ideas drift, melt away, become forgotten or half remembered as deadlines approach and other concerns take precedence (generally the concerns of life and authority).

So an idea of the possibility of a potential for change.

As history confirms, people will change their minds about almost anything, from which god they worship to how they style their hair. But when it comes to existential judgements, human beings in general have an unfalteringly good opinion of themselves and their condition in this world and are steadfastly confident they are not a collection of self-conscious nothings.

– Thomas Ligotti, The Conspiracy against the Human Race