a W88 (475 kt) thermonuclear warhead is a tool

The second definition for tool in the OED is “A weapon of war.”
An issue this complex is never just one thing. However, we might lay significant blame at the feet of “education.” Education, as an institution, is, like every institution in society, designed to reproduce society (within narrow ideological constraints). Thus, education in America today is geared primarily towards the reduction of capitalism, middle managers, and wage slaves. This should not be controversial.
How many schools teach rhetoric? Critical/creative thinking is often written in to course objectives, but since the Gentleman’s A- is now becoming par, is the object ever significantly achieved? After all, everyone is entitled to their opinions and widely-believed facts, regardless of whether or not they rest upon fallacies. Who am I to deny your paranoia simply because it is not as well researched as mine?
One could lament education, or the echo chambers of the Internet, the increase in sectarianism and tribalism, the marketing of fear and catastrophe, biology, ideology, neoliberalism, and so on, and so on. Etc. &c.
But what would be the point? 

Lamentations don’t solve the problem. A problem that we can’t even agree exists.

Does life matter? Whose and how much?

All life? Human life? Human life plus our pets? Plus livestock because bacon?

And this is all presupposed on the ability to define life. To limit and delimit life. 
And who am I to demand that you not wallow in ignorance?
Yes, a gun is a tool. So is a fleshlight. 

Mirror (as) Stage/Méconnaissance: Performing Gender Outside the Lines

We come to see ourselves differently as we catch sight of our images in the mirror of the machine.

Sherry Turkle, Life on the Screen

The defining and distorting presence of the ‘mirror’ in these incidents is suggestive. Same and different; self and ‘other.’

Marjorie Garber,Vested Interests

However, it also raises the question of how man is supposed to articulate himself in a world where the meaning of these terms have been so dramatically questioned so as to become practically meaningless.

Jean-Paul Martinon, The End of Man

Only another question: is this the real one? In what sense real? What is the ‘truth’ or gender and sexuality that we try, in vain, to see, to see through, when what we are gazing at is the hall of mirrors?

Marjorie Garber, Vested Interests

In other words, the norm of sex takes hold to the extent that it is ‘cited’ as such a norm, but it also derives its power through the citations that it compels.

Judith Butler, Bodies That Matter

What is ‘normative’ about a norm hardly anyone meets? Are we to say the majority of men are unmasculine?

R. W. Connell, Masculinities

‘I’m a man,’ which at most can mean no more than, ‘I’m like the person who, in recognizing him to be a man, I constitute as someone who can recognize me as a man.’

Jacques Lacan, “Aggressiveness in Psychoanalysis”