Post:Noise is the umbrella term (it is not exactly a genre in the way that no ()holistic non-totalizing work can ever truly be classified in a codified ‘genre’) that I use to define my sonic and video/spectacle work. It is an application of thoryvology into the arts.

Briefly, it is a category that describes work undertaken with the received methods and practices of Noise but with goals beyond those most commonly associated with Noise. It does not seek to be loudest, most abrasive, or any other appellation of furthest from the norm (cf. Attali). Noise is sufficient in that respect and the work of noise artists and noisicians continues to pursue those ends. Thoryvology, and thus post:noise, recognizes the arbitrary nature of boundaries and lines of demarcation and does not apply its lines of flight in those directions. Post:Noise does not seek the fringe but embodies it, does not seek to alienate but is alienated.

The OED (the prime record of this bastard tongue) has 22 separate definitions for ‘post.’ This post will be an effort in intentional cutup contextomy (a thoryvological research method), mining from those 22 definitions of ‘post’ and the two for ‘noise’ an approximation of the concept of post:noise (postnoise, post/noise, post-noise, &c).

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 That explains it, right?

sonic / filmic / liminal

these are not good work.

or, I am not in a position to judge them as such.

but they serve a purpose. They exist to make a point, or attempt one. I like them well enough.

I am not particularly inclined towards image work. This has long been a disappointment for me. I haven’t taken to cameras, though I have owned a few. I am terrible with figures (both photographic and pictographic). My pacing seems wrong. But I like what I do with sound.

Sound by itself, especially that which I am calling my post-noise work (post-noise in the sense of post-rock. it comes after and is informed by foundational noise artists but is not of the same tradition, cannot approach noise in the same manner), likely creates interesting visual imagery in the mind’s eye. It is likely not what is herein paired.

And it is that pairing, that forced juxtaposition that is meant to be focused upon here. Images out of focus, repeated, permuted, stalled that are forced into conversation with sonic elements that drift, that also permute but differently, that do not align. What is the reason? Why these images? Why these sounds? What does it all mean?

I make noise to be liminal. To test boundaries, to recognize and trace boundaries. To raise questions that cannot yet be answered. The abyss is calling. We lack perspective. One must enter the vortex, knowledge (even knowledge through madness) is necessary for life. These videos seek one such liminal zone, one such barrier island, one such no man’s land. Do they find it? Do any of us?


music courtesy of Delta Brainwave Society

film courtesy of Delta Brainwave Society


Cute Nihilism: on The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muss man niedlich.

There have been a number of critiques that have come out regarding Wes Anderson’s most recent feature The Grand Budapest Hotel (due for wide release on Friday). It has been noted as overly twee, lacking in substance, lacking in emotional gravitas. Perhaps these arguments have merit. And I would not argue that one must love this film. But I find all of what has been pointed out in the film as troubling (and has led to notations of previous Anderson works) to be, in fact, what endears the film to me all the more.

While I would not go so far as to claim that the film itself makes explicit claims towards or officially espouses, I would argue that there is a certain undercurrent of nihilism in this text. Before one sees this as a critique, which I certainly do not mean it as, I should clarify. This film (and much of Anderson’s oeuvre in general) is a film of surfaces and failures. It is presented as a nesting set of stories – a film about a book based on a recounting of a story of a caper. Each of these frames are presented with expected Anderson elegance and charm (as has been recounted at length elsewhere). But each of these frames recount a failure (both personal and societal). The central tale (that of M. Gustave and Zero) takes place during the failure to prevent fascism and it’s destruction of the (never having actually existed) good ol’ days marked as well by the failures of love and interpersonal connection and the frailty of life. The frame of the recounting marks the failure of ’68, the breakdown of society, and the desolation of the individual. The frame of the author is set during the failure of the Reagan/Thatcher era where the author notes the failure of mastery (tales do not spring fully formed from the head of the Author). And the final frame, set in some ambiguous present, is marked as we give over the keys to our kingdoms at a monument to the Death of the Author. Indeed, the is a film of failures. These failures are presented but only lightly critiqued. It is noted that love cannot be spoken of (lest it bring forth a depth of emotion the film is unprepared to handle). And thus they are surfaces, beautiful backdrops and set pieces upon which we imagine and relive our failures but now as farce, now for laughs. We cannot help but fail, but continue. At least we should look good while doing it. The best lack all conviction, but we are much better dressed. A film about failure though, should not be considered itself a failure. Just because many critics were looking/hoping for there to be a reality behind the mask does not change that it is turtles all the way down.

This film is also a film of inheritance. It is much noted that Anderson is a filmmaker who has inherited much from film history. But the central driving action of The Grand Budapest Hotel, is, in fact, inheritance. The central story is of dual inheritance, dueling inheritance. The novel is an inherited story, the monument to the Author our collective inheritance. But what is it that we, the audience inherit from this film, this flat circle? Could it not be the knowledge that there is only surface?

The one you search for is not here, this tomb is empty.

We are everywhere lacking in substance, The Grand Budapest Hotel simply does not to try to hide it. Perhaps we should feel shame or loss at our inability to express our abyssal nature, the empty insignificance of it all. But I feel nothing of the sort. The insignificance is freeing, the vastness comforting, and Anderson keeps everything looking so very nice. Certainly death is trivialized. Love as well, though less so. But humanity is trivial. Why run or hide from this truth? Why deny the existential reality of our vast cosmic irrelevance? After all, these are only characters, rendered comically for our amusement and entertainment. Why search for meaning and gravitas on the screen when we so routinely fail to create it in our very lives?